Termite Prevention Tips for Pest Control Services

Termite Prevention Tips for Pest Control Services

Termite Prevention Tips for Pest Control Services

Termite Pest Control offers traps and Tips:

Termites eat wood and cellulose. A homemade cardboard trap can be worth a try. To do this, cut cardboard, moisten it, stack it on top of each other and place it in a place where you suspect the termites. Do the insects choose the cardboard trap as their new home? Then their removal is much necessary from the apartment. Repeat this process until no more termites settle in.


These nematodes do termites harmless because they nest in the termite larvae and kill them. It could be a good termite treatment as well.


Sunlight doesn’t like termites at all. If portable furniture or wood parts are affected, carry them outside in the summer and leave them in the blazing sun for a few days. Even freezing temperatures mean death for termites. Otherwise, you can utilize our termite control products in Pakistan.

Seal the entry of your property, including doors and windows

Firstly, you need to find cracks and wood cracks throughout your property. Check all doors and windows of your home where fixation is required and ensure to fix all the cracks and holes you find in your property. You need to seal up all the damages you find in your home and ensure that all the doors and windows are sealed properly. Because termites gain access from the minor holes and cracks from your property and affect the wooden property. Therefore, there shouldn’t be any crack that becomes the access point for termites and pests. If you don’t follow these suggestions, you later find pest control services to deal with pests and termites.

Don’t store timber, wood, and debris on your property

If you store timber wood in your property, it will invite termites because timber wood becomes a delicious food source for termites and pests. People in our society usually store garbage inside their property openly, which also attracts pests and becomes the hidden place of problems. Hence, remove any debris and timber wood you found on your property. 

Furthermore, don’t keep garbage for a long time inside your property. Try to keep it away from your property or waste it as soon as possible.

Leakage of pipes and taps

Leakage of water from pipes and taps makes the floor wet and moist. Leaking and overflowing of water from taps must be repaired. You need to ensure that there is no water left on your bed, which keeps the ground in a moist state. You should keep your floor or home ground dry to stay away from pests and termites because termites get attracted by moisturizing floors and enjoy the wet surface.

Regular Inspection of your Property

There is one true story that we people often ignore small issues in our property. We just postponed the damages and cracks which need to be repaired and ended when we interact with the pests. Then we found some good pest control companies and avail their pest control services in Lahore. Moreover, we need to regularly inspect our house or office to keep pests away from you and your family. With the regular inspection of our property, we can fix the damages and cracks found and keep our home updated.

Never Block Ventilation Areas to avoid Bacterias and Termites

Block ventilation systems in the sub-floor areas of the property resulting in high humidity and high moisture levels. Good ventilation will not welcome termites and pests. Make sure your home is adequately ventilated, including the attic and any interior spaces. Good air circulation will prevent the accumulation of moisture needed by termite colonies.





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