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    Termite-Exterminator in Lahore, Fumigation and Demak Control in Pakistan


    "Save your home from termites"

    Welcome to Hafiz Pest Control Company’s official website for the professional Pest Control Services in Lahore with imported chemicals since 1996. Hafiz Pest Control is the preeminent pest control services provider in Pakistan. Our team of professional pest controllers offers state-of-the-art advanced levels of termite treatment in Lahore, pest control services in Faisalabad, pest control services in Islamabad, and pest control services in Pakistan with the latest fumigation equipment and imported chemicals. Our pest control treatment has long-lasting effects of termite removal and has no side effects on breathing due to smell-free chemicals during our latest procedure for termite treatment in Lahore and termite treatment in Pakistan. We highly recommend our valued customers to get a free survey of your home to check termites in your home, offices, warehouses, stores, or any other living place.

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    "Save your home from termites"

    Our pest control products and pest control services in Lahore really work so efficiently that our fumigation spray, termite drilling, and termite removal sprays kill all the termites hidden in the walls, holes, corners, or even in the soil of affected buildings. 100s of homes, offices, and other buildings have been secured from termite attacks by our professional & hi-tech termite treatment in Lahore. You can trust our professional’s Pest Control team, which will remove all the insects from your residential or commercial properties. Let our demak control company in Lahore work for you to make your living comfortable or work in your property freely after conducting termite treatment in Lahore and termite treatment in Pakistan. We offer pest control services in Gujrat, pest control services in Gujranwala, pest control services in Faisalabad Cost, pest control services in Multan, pest control services in Kasur, pest control services in Sialkot, and all major cities of Punjab.

    Termite Treatment in Lahore Pakistan - Exterminator in Lahore

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    Pest Control Services in Islamabad - Termite Treatment and Fumigation


    Hafiz Pest Control has a strong branch network with the best fumigation services in Islamabad. So, if you are looking for pest control services in Islamabad, just let us know
    Exterminator and Pest Control Services in Rawalpindi Pakistan


    Are you looking for pest control services in Rawalpindi? We are famous pest control services in Rawalpindi.
    Termite Treatment in Multan Pakistan


    We serve our valued customers in Multan with the best termite treatment in Multan as well. Please call to book a free inspection for pest removal in Multan.
    Pest Control Services in Gujranwala


    With the latest & imported deemak spray chemicals, we perform termite treatment in Gujranwala to serve you better.
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    "Save your home from termites in Lahore"
    • Best price for Pest Control Services in Lahore.
    • Knowledge base guidance after completion of pest control treatment.
    • Smell Free imported pest control chemicals.
    • Pest Control Lahore at Resident and Commercial Properties before construction.
    • Humans and Animals friendly pest control services in Lahore.
    • Well-Experienced Pest control management team.
    • Professional Pest Control Lahore on a Single Call with 24/7 customer support.
    • Industrial and Organizational Pest Removing Services with 10 years guarantee.
    • Termite treatment, Cockroach control services, Rat control services, Lizard control services, Bed Bug control, Ant control and all types of Insect Removal Services under 1 roof.
    demak control in Lahore-termite treatment in Pakistan

    RID OF PESTS & Termite

    "They Can Destroy Your Assets"

    A termite queen lays an egg after every three seconds. That means 30,000 eggs a day and 10,950,000 eggs per year. Can you afford it?

    It is highly recommended to get your valued properties, furniture, warehouses, food storage checked frequently by our treatment experts. Especially Our pest control management team satisfies our valued customers with their experienced method of removing termites, insects, and infestations deeply from inside and outside the property. Hafiz Pest Control has a goal to keep its customers safe and provide them a fast and professional pest control services in Lahore, Islamabad, and pest control services in Pakistan. Normally, our soils are wet enough to have termite growth in it that is why termites are grown up in very often living or commercial areas.

    Get Termite Treatment Services before & after construction, even if you do not find any symptoms of Termite


    Pest Control before House Construction is necessary?

    According to research conducted, the lands, which had been idle for a long time, may definitely be suffering from termite or different types of pests in it. Moreover, constructing a new home is still a dream for many people and is considered a new phase of their lives. Just imagine for a few minutes, what suffer you if you find dealing with rats, termites, cockroaches, etc on shifting in your new home. It would surely destroy your amazement of a new home pest control near me.

    Therefore, we highly recommend that property dealers, homebuilders, & constructors get pest control services in Lahore and anti-termite in construction before constructing any type of property. Furthermore, a property owner should also avail of pest control services and before shifting his family to the newly constructed home to live a healthy and safer life. Especially, in remote societies like Bahria town, lake city, and others; pest control Bahria town Lahore is a must before and after construction. We offer state-of-the-art fumigation services in Lahore to secure your families from every possible growth of mosquitoes, flies, bed bugs, cockroaches, and termites.

    Some Clear

    Symptoms of Termites:



    mud lines on ceilings or walls.



    of water damage.



    Designs in wooden furniture.


    Mud Tunnels

    on home foundations.


    Repeated termite

    Growth even after cleaning them.


    Small Drywall Holes

    Small, pinpoint holes in drywall.


    Fumigation Services in Punjab

    Agricultural and desert termites destroy everything like a slow poison. We have to destroy their mud structures with the help of professional termite treatment in Lahore. Our pesticides kill them from their roots. Our termite chemicals imported from the USA and other countries of the world work well to eradicate agricultural or desert termites and pests. Our professional termite treatment for these kinds of termites and the best termite control spray in Pakistan will destroy them for you.
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    Pest Control Treatment with

    Smell-Free Chemicals by Professional Termite Control Services Company

    Hafiz Pest Control is well experienced in removing any type of insects using our pest control chemicals. Our team at Pest Control Lahore is able to resolve our customer’s problems that occur anywhere in Lahore, Gujranwala, Kasur, Gujrat, Sialkot, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Faisalabad, and Pest Control services in Pakistan with 10 years guarantee. We thoroughly explore your property before providing pest control services. Our team will make a plan of action, which successfully removed all the insects disturbing your livings. See our pest control cost.


    We have an excellent team of pest control professionals to provide our clients with professional pest control services in Lahore. Moreover, our Pest Control Lahore team has done termite treatments in100s of homes, offices, warehouses, food stores, and factories. Our pest control team has explored termite source points from old homes to larger factories; from offices to departmental stores, from hospitals to warehouses, and from hotels to bakeries. We take every project as a termite challenge to raise the strength of our pest control brand. That is why; we say Hafiz is your real Muhafiz Pest Control. We are one of the leading Pest Control Companies in Lahore to manage Urban Pest Control Management in Lahore. Additionally, if you want to get 100% results from Pest Control Lahore, you will get it and we mean it, Insha’Allah.
    Consequently, Pest Control Lahore deals with all sorts of pests with excellent customer support and consultancy for different types of Pest Control & Termite Treatment Management Lahore.

    After completing the process of removing pests, our team guides the customers on how to stay safe from further insects in the future. All the chemicals used in our pest control sprays are human and pets friendly.

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